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Electronic Repair Tips


This section of the website is rather empty right now.

Soon I hope to have here some really nifty hints and kinks on electronic repair. I will do this with text, pictures and videos. I will cover topics on many of the different electronic components and explain how to test them and what your results should be. I will also describe when certain components should be changed out and why it is not a good idea to change others. I will also show you what to do in case you do not have a required component and how you can take two or more of a particular component to make the value you need. Plus a ton more!!

I will also have an entire section that will take you through the process of receiver and transmitter repair. We will go step by step through the process together and you will learn how to check each stage of your receiver, transmitter or amplifier and fix any problems. This applies to not only tube gear but to the solid state stuff as well.


Need help?

If by chance you are located in the Tampa Bay area and are having some electronic troubles, here is my invitation to you to bring the item over for repair. If you have the time, I will gladly show you how to use each piece of test equipment here to accurately diagnose and then fix the problem. If time is short, I will take care of it for you. Of course this is being offered free of charge to all amateur radio operators and electronic experimenters. So send me an  and let's get your item working again. This service is now on hold again prior to the completion of a few projects.


I kindly ask for your patience with this section as I complete some of the other areas of this site. I did not want to leave you with nothing though, so for some very basic and simple tips, please visit the links below.

Dremel  = Some quick Dremel tool tips.

Free Parts  = An unexpected parts source that you just might be tossing out.

Lettering  = An easy way to make them marks stand out on your radio knobs.

PL-259 =  A unique way to produce a solid and reliable PL-259 to coax connection.

RMA / EIA antenna = A dummy antenna that is often required to connect a signal generator to a receiver circuit.

Set Screws = Lost a set screw? No problem, learn how to quickly make a replacement.  


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