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Production Year 1961 - 1963 at $99.95 


The Hallicrafters PS-150-AC is the power supply for the Hallicrafters SR-150 transceiver. The power supply has a built in speaker and uses 117 volts AC with a power consumption of 240 watts. The picture on the left shows the front of the unit and on it we can see the orange Hallicrafters logo. Some were produced with a blue colored logo which I believe is the newer version. The picture on the right is of the right side of the PS-150.



The photograph on the left shows the left side of the PS-150-AC.

The photograph on the right shows the back of the power supply. Starting on the left we have the power cable for the AC mains, Fuse holder with a 3 amp slo-blo fuse, the cable that connects to the SR-150 transceiver and lastly the Bias adjustment for the finals in the SR-150 which is a pair of 12dq6b tubes.

These next two pictures are with the cover removed. As of this writing I seem to have mis-placed the pictures showing the new components installed. I replaced all of the large yellow electrolytic capacitors and found two resistors that was out of tolerance.

A funny thing happened with this power supply as soon as I took it off the bench that I would like to share with you. After the restoration process was complete and the item working great on the bench, it was time to put it on the air for the real test. I brought it into the radio room(Ham Shack) and connected every thing up. Just as soon as I threw the power switch the fuse blew. I thought that was strange but maybe it was just one of them things. So I replaced the fuse and the same thing happened again. Well instead of feeding this beast fuses all night long I brought it back out to the work bench for further testing. It turns out that the diode bridge or as some call it, the diode rectifier had lost a diode. I did not have any on hand so the next day I placed an order for some and now all is well and the power supply no longer has an appetite for fuses.



The last picture shows the PS-150-AC next to the SR-150 transceiver. This combo is a joy to operate and keeps the coffee mug warm for them late night rag chews(conversations).




Radios by Hallicrafters with Price Guide by Chuck Dachis

Hallicrafters owners manual  

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